THE BODY AND IT’S BOUBLE - Michela Del Degan

The Body and It’s Double

“… what changes and has already changed us.
Technological organisms pierce memories and dig into the dual body of a mutation supported by disease.
The theatre and its double is the mutant identity of this life that immerses itself in a mythological imaginary.
Dressed in these philosophical bonds, we wear our Dionysian-Apollonian mask and enter the scene.
Engravings corroded by rage enclose perfect technological mechanisms that are now part of this soul.
Iron voices recite in this theatre of cruelty, a memory of life. The imaginary real dream pervades the ray of artistic action by transforming thoughts into works.
The changing artistic landscape encloses the acts of this scene.
The sound of the event expands from Earth  and the image of the sky reflects our souls, now everything has become commonplace.
The eye of the soul has lost every connection, even though we are a technological body…
With a cold wind, the sterilization of the heart organ has torn apart our familiar five senses. They fly, like dried leaves lost in this world cycle.
Spherical recycling of life.
The organs thirst for encounters with emotion, the theatre pervades the place and distributes leaf dust. “


The works come from a double identity of a body that is sucked into the garment, prisoner of a plot which is already packaged by a changing mind, that cyclically redefines a soul under construction.
Clothes, garments, accessories are now art.
It is no longer the body that wears the garment but the garment that wears a body.

Techniques used:

Acrylic, watercolour and black ballpoint pen on canvas, fabric, plastic, leather, jeans, cotton, silk…

Title of the works:

Il parto (Giving Birth).
La nascita (Birth).
Il corpo (The Body).
L’unione (Union).
L’organo cuore (The Heart).
Il doppio (The Double).

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