Pink Flesh - Michela Del Degan

Pink Flesh


Life changes continuously just like the skin, but it cannot change the soul, fascinated and frightened by the repeating of events. At this time we are enduring the superficiality of life’s interpretation and judgment, searching for a label to give our artistic body. But what is the real body we wear?


Two friendly little animals were hiding in a corporeal world. PANCREAS lived in the upper part of the abdomen and loved to finish digesting the foods which entered the body. PROSTATE, meanwhile, lived under the bladder and was production manager for a multi-body company. One day they decided to make a journey north to see new organs. Not knowing how to flow from the main artery, they chose the SPINAL CORD, a long train with many vertebrae which received all stimuli. The guard was an entertaining character, despite his reputation as a spineless good-for-nothing. They got off at the BRAIN STEM, the station where all the main motor and sensory pathways passed through, and found an interweaving of hundreds of neurons. Taking a nervous system pathway, they decided to stop at the inn of the ESOPHOGUS. Between a mouthful of food and a breath of air, they relaxed to the song of the LARYNX, a sinuous phonetic figure producing a raucous sound. The two were curious to know why this beautiful figure was breathing in fits and starts; it was the TONGUE, using its receptors to perceive the varied and unique voice of the LARYNX. The situation began to throw the entire INTESTINAL system into confusion, the excretory ducts of the sudoriferous glands in the SKIN transporting sweat to its surface. After a careful elaboration and analysis of the situation, the BRAIN brought the sensory faculties back to order. Having become aware of their existence, the organic signals stored this personal exposure in the form of memories, and went back to carrying out their proper functions once more.

techniques used:

fabric, yarn, beads.


Intestine, Prostate, Tongue, Larynx, Brain stem, Pancreas, Skin, Brain, Spinal cord.

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