Going Beyond in a Paper Garment Michela Del Degan

Going Beyond in a Paper Garment


Paper organisms go beyond garments
and turn over pages of distant memories like travel journals
over and over again we mend
this bond, wearing our shadow,
with changing clothes
the soul of our encounter.
The cartographic suit passes through many places,
it floats in space, changing
the hierarchy of its position.
Over and over again bodies mend the encounter with emotion
art invades the skies
and creates reflections of shade.
The paper garment
made from an ensemble of seams
demonstrates the fragility of its
being taking its form from the size and shape of the body
The multidimensionality of the body
ceases to have a standard size,
if it is labelled by its ego.
We hang up our memories
and we wait until life
goes beyond its physical form
to become one from a twin body:
a spiritual body

techniques used:

90% paper – 4% glue – 6% various technique

title of the works:

La Germania (The Germany)
La Svezia (The Sweden)
La Francia (The French)
La Repubblica Ceca (The Czech republic)
L’Ungheria (The Hungary)
La Spagna (The Spain)

Michela Del Degan Going Beyond in a Paper Garment Exhibitions

indumento cartaceo - Michela Del Degan - Aeroporto Ronchi dei legionari

Airport Ronchi Dei Legionari Exhibition
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