… a body without a face.



“…the face forms part of a system of surfaces and holes, surfaces with holes. But this system must in no way be confused with the volume-cavity system proper of the body. The head is included in the body, but the face is not. …The head, even the human head, is not necessarily a face. The face only comes into being when the head ceases to be part of the body, when it is no longer codified by the body, when the head itself ceases to have a multidimensional polyvocal physical code – when the body, the head included, is decodified and must be overcoded by something which will be called Face. … For the very reason that it depends on an abstract machine, the face will not limit itself to covering the head, but will influence the various parts of the body, and perhaps other objects without any resemblance to it. At this point the problem is knowing the circumstances under which this machine, which produces the face and facialisation, goes into motion.”
Gilles Deleuze – Félix Guattari


The machine which produces facialised works or simply surfaces with holes has gone into motion. The garment ceases to have a multidimensional code and becomes an overcoded work. The volume cavity proper of the body is emptied by this abstract machine that is art.

techniques used:

Acrylic and black graphite on various fabrics.

title of the works:

Ala (Wing). Bacino (Pelvis). Becco (Beak). Lisca (Fish Bone). Ventre (Belly).